Great Waldingfield

Serving the local community

Update – Dec 2019

The last month has been spent preparing for the meeting for our supporters which was held on Thursday 28th November. We were only contacting those people who had already shown an interest and were delighted that 16 people came. There were a further 8 people who weren’t able to come, but are keen to help.

There was a presentation that took us forward to 2036 to imagine what we would want the village to look like in that year and then worked backwards to show how we could make this happen through a Neighbourhood Plan.

There were displays around the Hall of the six key areas that the Neighbourhood Plan can cover – Community Facilities, Housing, the Historic Environment, the Natural Environment, Employment and Transport. Each area had some questions which we asked them to answer, giving as many ideas as possible.

We also asked them to volunteer to join focus groups in each of these areas which will take place early in the New Year – the idea of these is to produce more precise details of how we can achieve the sort of village we want for 2036. This will feed into a Village Survey we will be doing later in the year.

The emphasis of the meeting was to inform and inspire so that this first group will go out to their friends and neighbours in the village to spread the message about the Neighbourhood Plan in 2020.