Community Engagement

Summary of Community Engagement




Sept 2017

Initial Village Meeting – 46 residents attending

Responses to what residents like/dislike about GW, one thing to change/add.

Feb 2018

Vision and Objectives leaflet out to village

Vision and Objectives written based on the responses to initial meeting.

May 2018

Mini questionnaires out to village groups

From the V and O and the initial meeting responses mini questionnaires were taken to village groups by Steering Group members. Also put on-line.

June 2018

3 Village Walks

Residents joined SG members to note facilities/businesses/locally important buildings.

November 2018

Stall at Christmas Fair

Information about Neighbourhood Plan displayed.

November 2019

Village Hall Meeting

Presentation as reminder of what NP is, why do it and how they can help. Questions in six key areas prepared based on questionnaire responses and V and O responses. Responses to questions on six key areas covered by the NP. Request for people to join the Focus Groups.

Jan 2020

Focus Group on Community Facilities (22/1), visit to Branchlines

Responses to Key Area questions noted and added to spreadsheet.

Feb 2020

Focus Group on Natural Environment (6/2) and Housing. (18/2) Visits to Knit and Knatter and Village Pop-In groups.

Responses to Key Area questions noted and added to spreadsheet.

March 2020

Focus Group on Historical Environment , Local businesses contacted.


Leaflet out into school book bags, Stalls out at school for parents

Before and after school stall out at entrance to school – leaflets given out with focus group questions.


Village drop-in arranged for 28th March cancelled due to Covid lockdown.


April 2020

Key area questions out on Facebook

Those questions that had few responses from the Focus Groups were posted out on both the Neighbourhood Plan Facebook Page and the Great Waldingfield page. The responses were added to those from the Focus Groups.

June 2020

Survey questions sent out to focus group

Survey format and questions were adjusted according to feedback.


Street Champions organised

25 Street Champions organised to deliver Surveys to all households in the village.

July 2020

Survey banner up on 15th July

To give a reminder regarding the survey


Pre-leaflet out to village

Many houses in the village visited with the leaflet.


Survey out to village on 22nd July

738 responses received. 65% of households responded.

August 2020

Thank-you leaflet delivered out to all residents


September 2020

Key points and graphs from survey results sent out into Village magazine.


November 2020

Village drop in for Survey results cancelled due to Covid. Further details of the survey results were put out onto the village website.


June 2021

Village Drop-in held – Sat June 26th

Over 100 residents attended. 70 feedback forms.

August 2021

Feedback from meeting out on Village website and in village magazine.


Continual Community Engagement: Every month FB posts and updates on the village website and village magazine were sent out.