Community Engagement

April 30th 2020

We asked on Facebook for suggestions and ideas about transport within our village.

Below are the questions we asked the village to consider:

  • What can we do to address the current parking issues?
  • How can we make it easier for everyone to access the countryside?
  • How can we improve the present bus services?


April 22nd 2020

We wanted to find out more about housing in the village answering these questions via Facebook:

  • What should village housing look like? height, shape, features, front gardens, boundary fencing/hedges?
  • We would also welcome pictures from children in the village showing what they would like village housing to look like


April 15th 2020

We asked to hear thoughts on these two questions and for pictures of favourite village landscape views.

  • Which are the important landscape views in and around the village?
  • How can new developments fit better into our countryside?


April 7th 2020

With the Corona Virus outbreak and living in Lockdown, we saw what a great community we have in our village. We are making a Neighbourhood Plan to make sure that it will be the same for future generations.

We had planned to hold a Village meeting at the end of this week to give everyone the chance to comment on the six key areas we are covering as part of the Plan. Obviously we can’t now do this. So we decided to post out a couple of questions relating to the key areas on Facebook in the coming weeks.

We asked the village to make comments or add their thoughts.

All your responses will be read and used to help us prepare for the guidelines in our Neighbourhood Plan