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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

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Why are we making a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • To involve the whole village in shaping the future of Great Waldingfield
  • To make sure that future development will not damage our village
  • To find ways to protect and improve the village ourselves


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2036 – The Vision

  • A rural village, surrounded by farmland
  • A thriving school, pub and shop
  • New housing has a real village character and fits well into the landscape
  • Everyone has access to fast broadband
  • Church remains an important landmark in the village
  • New facilities for young and old to keep us all healthy


How can we get there?

Old Rectory

  • We make a strong, detailed Neighbourhood Plan
  • Voted for in a village referendum
  • Independently examined and validated by Babergh
  • With the same status as the Joint Local Plan
  • It is then used to determine all planning applications in the village.


What is in the Neighbourhood Plan?

Church of St. LawrenceDetailed guidelines on:

  • What we want to protect
  • What we want to improve
  • How we are going to do it

In six key areas:

  • Natural Environment
  • Historic Environment
  • Housing
  • Community Facilities
  • Transport
  • Employment


What was done in 2017/18?

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  • The boundary for the Neighbourhood Plan was decided
  • A Steering Group was set up
  • The village was asked what it wanted to protect and what needed improving
  • Objectives were written based on this
  • Evidence was gathered on the village past and present






Why did we decide to continue in 2019?

Cromwell Fields Open SpaceMany dangers of not doing it:

  • Unsuitable/suburban development
  • Green spaces and landscape views could be destroyed
  • Wildlife could be decimated
  • Community facilities could be lost

Many advantages of doing it:

  • Avoid all of the above
  • Increased money to the village for each house built (CIL money)



Why is 2020 so important?

Campsie Cottage


  • Focus/discussion groups to develop ideas in the six key areas will take place
  • A village survey will allow everyone to have their say
  • Guidelines/policies for the final Neighbourhood Plan will start to be written


How can you help?

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We need people who care about the village to:

  • Talk to neighbours
  • Encourage others to get involved
  • Help to deliver and collect surveys
  • Join discussion groups to decide what we want to protect and improve and ways to do it