Parish Council Meeting Monday Mar 14th



  1. Welcome and Apologies for AbsenceTo receive and agree.
  2. Declarations of Interests and DispensationsTo receive any declarations of interest at this point and at any point during the Meeting and Dispensations (in advance of the Meeting).
  3. Minutes of the last full Parish Council Meeting held on the 14th February 2022To receive, consider and approve the Meeting Minutes. (Minutes attached and on website).
  4. Update/Matters Arising from Previous Minutes held on the 14th February 2022To receive and note any updates.
  5. Public Forum– To facilitate members of the public / press to address the Council to a maximum of 3 minutes per person and no more than 15 minutes for the session
  6. County and District Councillors ReportsTo receive and note reports and to clarify any points from the said reports. (Up to a maximum of 3 minutes per report/County/District Councillor).
  7. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Scheme in Village – To receive any updates relating to this scheme and agree any matters in partnership with Suffolk County Council Highways to assist with speeding.
  8. Routine Correspondence CirculatedTo consider and agree any actions raised. (Councillors please advise the Clerk prior to the Meeting for any matters you wish to raise).
  9. Councillors External Meetings/Sessions/Attendance – To receive updates and agree any matters.
  10. Planning and Development in Great Waldingfield (Details attached and on website).

To consider and make observations to the LPA (Local Planning Authority) on proposals received in the Parish Council’s consultee role. (Please view plans online in advance of the Meeting).

  • Planning Applications Received:
    • DC/22/01167/TCA – Rectory Manor, Rectory Road – Removal of 2 No diseased Sycamore Trees (T1 and T2) and to reduce two Conifer Trees (T3 and T4) – To consider.
  • Planning Applications Received after the Agenda – To receive and consider.
  • Planning Decisions Received from the LPA
      • DC/22/0822 – 65 Bantocks Road – Application for a Non-Material Amendment relating to DC/21/05265 – Change of Materials for store-room – To be constructed with 4 x 2 timber and C16 treated weatherboard x 7). (Already noted by and discussed with Building Control) -To note that the LPA has approved this application.
  • Planning Appeals Received – None at time of agenda issues.
  • Chilton Woods Development (cross-boundary) – (Maiden Fields) – To receive an update from Councillor Rushton following the latest Chilton Woods working group Meeting.
  1. Financial Matters
    • Schedule of Accounts for Payment – To receive, consider and agree payments since the last Meeting. (To follow).
    • Bank Reconciliation – February 2022 -To receive, consider and agree. (Attached and on website).
    • VAT Claim to HMRC – To receive an update.
    • Internal Controls – (Councillors/Council) – To agree. (Attached and on website).
    • Internal Auditor – To agree.
    • Donation Request – GoStart Community Transport – To consider. (Attached and on website).
    • Donation Request – Community Fridge/Larder – To consider the request.
    • Donation Request – The Horticultural Committee – To consider the request. (Attached and on website).
    • Urgent Finance Matters – To consider and agree any urgent finance matter after the agenda has been sent.
  2. Playing Field, Ten Trees Road /Other Parish Council Assets – To receive, consider and agree:
    1. Playing Fields Play Equipment – Monthly Report – To receive a report regarding the risk assessment following visual and written checks and consider and agree any matters.
    2. Playing Fields Dog Signage – To receive and consider any updates.
    3. Queens Diamond Jubilee Garden (QDJ) – To consider and agree any matters including the request for the purchase of turf to plant the donated pink Rose bushes.
  3. Community Warden SchemeTo receive an update and agree any matters.
  4. Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
    • Written Report – To receive an update and consider any matters.
    • Community Actions Report – To receive and consider. (Already received).
  1. CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) Working Party – To receive an update following the meeting held on the 28th February 2022 and consider the recommendations.
  2. Parish Council Events Working Group –HM The Queen’s Celebrations Platinum 2022 – To consider further including the request for the beacon.
  3. Finance, HR & Complaints Committee – To consider updates to the existing HR Committee to make it more functional for HR but also planning and preparation of budgets/precepts recommendations to the full Council and to deal with any complaints. (Updated Terms of Reference attached and on website).
  4. Complaints Policy/Procedure – To adopt updated version with two new paragraphs added for clarify and NALC (National Association of Local Councils) guidelines. (Attached and on website).
  5. Parish Council Meeting – Monday 11th April 2022 at 7.30pm at Great Waldingfield Village Hall.
  6. Resolution to Exclude the Public and the PressThe Public Bodies S.1 (2) (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) and the Local Government Act 1972 ss 100 and 102 (amended 2014). The Council is asked to consider and agree to exclude the Public since publicity would legally prejudice commercial sensitivity and confidentiality.
  7. Minutes of the Confidential Parish Council Meeting held on the 14th February 2022The Council is asked to receive, consider and approve the Meeting Minutes. (Minutes attached – Councillors only).
  8. Update/Matters Arising from Confidential Minutes held on the 14th February 2022The Council is asked to receive and note any updates.
  9. Parish Council Assets & Assets/Land Transfers (County Council) – The Council is asked to receive legal updates and agree any matters further. (Ten Tree Road in conjunction with the Council’s current assets).
  10. Staffing – Local Government Pay Claim 2021/22 – From 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 – To consider the 1.75% increase as agreed by Unions and as recommended by SALC – (Suffolk Association of Local Councils, NALC – (National Association of Local Councils, and SLCC – (The Society of Local Council Clerks). (Already budgeted for).