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Papers – December 2020

17 Chestnut Close approval Dec 2020

22 Heath Estate Dec 2020 granted

2020-11-23 ActonParishCouncil


Amy Johnson Website Administrator Quote Nov Dec 2020

Chilton Woods letter to developer 12.02.21

Chilton Woods plan app reserved matters Nov Dec 2020

Compost Quote for QDJ

Copy of Bank Reconciliation 30.11.20

Copy of signed Sch of Accounts for Payment 14.12.20

DC Report Dec 2020

Elmwood Rectory Rd appoval Dec 2020

Elmwood Rectory Rd decision Nov 2020

Fox Cottage Upsher Green approval Nov 2020

Gt Waldingfield PC Value for Money Statement

GW PC Statement ensure Council manages performance as Corporate Body

GW PC Statement ensures performance staff re business plan

GWPC Budget 2021 2022

GWPC Business Plan 2020 23

Land at Chilton Airfield Chilton Dec 2020 app

Land off Bantocks Road 2018 non material amendement approved

Leadership Statement in Planning for the Future of the Community

Media Policy 02.12.20

Media Working Group Terms of Reference

November 2020 SCC Town Parish Newsletter

NP update for PC -Dec 2020

Queens Jubilee Garden Compost Bins Quote

Quotation from Bernard Rushton for Website Administrator

Response to DC_20_03753 – Chilton Airfield

Sch of Accounts for Payment 14.12.20

Sch of Accounts for Payment 14.12.20_1

Statement re Biodiversity and Crime and Disorder GW PC

Suffolk County Council Highways Verges


Updated Media Policy 02.12.20

Willow Cottage Upsher Green TCA Dec 2020 app