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Post Office to reopen on November 24th

The Post Office has announced that services will be restored to Great Waldingfield Post Office on Thursday 24 November 2022 at 10:00. The branch closed temporarily on 23 June 2022 due to operational reasons. The service will be operated from the same premises by the same Postmaster, offering a range of Post Office products and services.

Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10am until 5.30pm, Sat 9am until 1pm, Sunday CLOSED.

More information in their letter: Great Waldingfield – CO10 0SA – Information Letter – 10 November 2022


Christmas Day Lunch at the Bowls Club

The Bowls Club are kindly providing a Christmas Day lunch at the Club on Ten Tree Road (CO10 0SD), so, if you, or anyone you know are dreading Christmas, lonely, worried about heating bills etc. Or would simply like company and a cooked meal, please come and join them. You don’t need a reason.


To book a place just telephone Jo or Gilbert on: 01787 580486


Household Heating Support for Babergh Residents

To support residents that experiencing financial difficulties due to fuel and heating costs both Babergh and Mid Suffolk Districts have been each been allocated £85,000 of Household Support Grant. I have attached leaflet (Household Support Fund Handout V2.1) that provide information regarding the scheme with the criteria and a summary of the help that is required. This will be available till the end of September 2022. Residents can apply for the scheme either :
Telephone: 0300 1234 4000
More information can be found at Household Support Fund » Babergh Mid Suffolk

There is further assistance available with Suffolk Infolink | Local Welfare Assistance Scheme (LWAS). The Local Welfare Assistance Scheme (LWAS) helps those experiencing financial hardship, whereby local organisations across Suffolk can apply for support, on behalf of an individual or family. The LWAS can help with household furniture and white goods, fuel vouchers (electricity and gas top-ups), supermarket vouchers, and contributions towards increasing costs during the winter months
In relation to the warm banks, although this is an interesting concept, however there are several logistically issues , which would make the implementation impractical.
I believe the support that we have available for residents will provide them practical assistance during this cost-of-living crisis.

Kind regards
Amma Antwi-Yeboah
Housing Solutions – Corporate Manager
Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils – Working Together
Tel: 01449724873
Mobile: 07936601218


Great Waldingfield Parish Council receive Quality Gold Award from SALC (Suffolk Association of Local Councils)

Sally Longmate – the Chief Executive Officer of SALC (Suffolk Association of Local Councils) presented the Parish Council with the Quality Gold Award under the Local Council Award Scheme on behalf of NALC (National Association of Local Councils). Sally Longmate congratulated the Council, the Clerk, and all Community Stakeholders for this huge achievement for the Council, Village, and the County.


Platinum Jubilee Certificate










Dog Fouling – 01-Jun-2022

Great Waldingfield Parish Council has recently been contacted about dog fouling in the parish, particularly on Footpath 11, which runs from Folly Road to the Church, and is asking residents and other dog walkers to help them catch the culprits.

Apart from being unsightly and a nuisance, dog fouling can be a health risk, as it often contains the parasitic roundworm Toxocara. Contact with Toxocara can lead to contracting the disease Toxicaris which leads to flu-like symptoms and if untreated can lead to eye damage or blindness. Fresh faeces is not infectious (so it’s safe for owners to clean up after their dogs) but if the faeces is left for 2-3 weeks it may become infectious. Each deposit of dog faeces can carry up to 1 million Toxocara eggs. Toxicaris is contracted through contact with faeces through swallowing – this is often through touching infected items such as shoe soles, and toys without washing hands adequately afterwards. For this reason the disease is more common amongst children, so it is especially alarming that people are failing to clear up after their dogs in areas regularly used by children.

It is an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 not to clear up after your dog. Babergh District Council is able to issue ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’ fines as an alternative to prosecution (where the potential fine is £1000), to those caught in the act.

Don’t let the thoughtless actions of a few give the dog owners of Great Waldingfield a bad name – if you have a dog, please ensure that you always bag its faeces and either put it in a dog bin, litter bin or double wrap it and put it in your black wheelie bin. Politely encourage others to do their duty. There are bins at either end of Footpath 11.

If you see anyone failing to clean up after their dog (many people fail to clean up when they think there is no-one else around), please let the District Council know who they are – it is possible they could be issued with a fine. If you do not know who they are, but are able to give a description of them and the registration of their vehicle, please let us know so we can follow it up.

You can contact the Council by calling 0300 1234 000 (option 7) or emailing


Suffolk Free Press – Quality Gold Award for Great Waldingfield Parish Council – 20-May-2022

Notice of Vacancy – Great Waldingfield Parish Council 04.11.21

Vacancy for a Councillor


AED (Automated External Defibrillator) – Training for Residents

At its Meeting on the 12th July 2021, the Parish Council considered the request for training received from one local resident for the defibrillator located at Village Hall.

A quotation of £100 for a basic 3 hours session has been received.  The Parish Council thought that it would seem sensible to approach the Village to establish if there is sufficient interest for this training which could be held in October 2021, subject to the take-up of this offer. Other costs would be the hire of Great Waldingfield Village Hall and refreshments.

If you are interested in attending this training, please contact the Parish Clerk Sue Clements by the 1st October 2021.

Email –

Tel. 07922336386.

Thank you.

Great Waldingfield Parish Council.


Grounds Maintenance Contract Invitations May 2021

Great Waldingfield Parish Council – Newsletter Nov 2020