Saturday June 11th. Save the Date!

The consultation draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is now ready. It has been proof-read by both members of the NP Steering Group and the Parish Council. A big thank you to Roger Knight for his contribution to this. Our consultant , Ian, will now add in charts and tables as well as the photos we have supplied to him. We are very grateful to Bernard Rushton for many of these.

The village drop-in will take place in the village hall on Saturday 11 June. We need to clarify the exact time to fit in with other bookings on that day but it will last approximately four hours. An information leaflet about the timing of the meeting and its content will be delivered to every house in the village in the two weeks before the meeting. Residents who are unable to attend the village meeting in person can make any comments online.

We applied to Groundworks for the next stage of the grant and received confirmation that this has been approved which is excellent news! Groundworks raised a query about some funding that had not been returned in the last round but, thanks to Sue, our Parish Clerk’s meticulous record-keeping, we were able to show that the underspend had indeed been returned. 

We are now working on a finalised timetable for the next few weeks to complete the tasks that need to be done ahead of the Village meeting which will start the six week consultation process.