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Update from the Speeding Working Group

You may not be aware but we have a Speeding Working Group in Great Waldingfield who has been working behind the scenes to assess viable options for reducing the speed of vehicles through the village.

Pete Berry, Nasreen Hammond, David Harris, Mike Kiely, Mark Summers and I, together with Philip Faircloth-Mutton, our Suffolk County Councillor, have been meeting to discuss the possibility of having an Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera sited in the village as part of a pilot scheme funded by Suffolk County Council.

Currently we have the Speed Indicator Devices at various sites in the village, but residents tell us this has not improved things at all.  We believe that if people realise that their number plate will be seen at the same time as their speed, this will have a much stronger effect!

Once our suggested site has been agreed by the Parish Council, we will be sending in our report to the County Council  for their comments. Philip has been supporting us every step of the way and is hopeful that we will be successful.

Obviously the camera will not be everywhere so we are also looking at other options such as gates on the side of the road at the main entrances to the village like these ones in Cavendish:

These would give a clear indication to drivers that they were about to enter the village and could include a welcome message or a ‘Please drive carefully’.

Unfortunately anything we might want has a cost attached so next we will be looking at possible sources of funding. If you know of any businesses in the area who might be interested, please let us know:

Clare Kiely

Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group