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It’s official – the landscape around our village really is beautiful!

Neighbourhood Plan update – February 2021

We were delighted to receive the first draft of our Landscape Appraisal last week which is an extremely comprehensive document covering so much that is important about our local landscape. The Steering Group will be looking through it over the next week to report back to Ramon Keeley who has been working on it for us.

On Monday 1st February we had our first meeting with a consultant from AECOM who will be preparing our Village Design Guide. We found this fascinating as we went on a virtual walk round the village and began looking at houses in a very different way. We noted how the proportion of the windows to the building made an enormous difference to whether a house looked pleasing or not and how important a contrast between roof and wall colour is. While ‘walking’ round the village, we realised how many lovely areas and buildings we do have in Great Waldingfield – modern as well as historic.

We have also updated our project plan to include the remaining tasks – although it is good to have a timetable, it can also feel quite daunting to see how much we still have to do.  Again I am so grateful to the supportive team who continue to work hard on getting the Neighbourhood Plan over the finish line.

Clare Kiely

Chair of Great Waldingfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group