Update – Jun 2020

You may remember that, as we couldn’t hold a village meeting, we had been putting out questions on Facebook for residents to answer. All the responses to our questions on the six key areas we are covering in the Neighbourhood Plan – Natural and Historic environment, Community Facilities, Housing, Transport and Employment – have now been collated into one huge spreadsheet by one of our village supporters. This has made it so much easier to see duplications and get an overall idea of the village’s views.

We are now able to use our new consultant, Ian Poole, as our request for the change of use for the Neighbourhood Plan grant has been accepted. Having gathered together all the evidence that the Steering Group has produced since 2017, this has been sent it out to Ian who is going to look through it and advise us of any gaps.

We are holding various Zoom meetings at the moment to work through all this information by key area and are using it to formulate questions to ask in our Village Survey. We hope the Village Survey will be able to go out in July. Once we have some draft survey questions, they will be sent out to Ian for his comments and then a focus group from our supporters will be trialling them for us.