Great Waldingfield

Serving the local community

Update – May 2020

Over the last few weeks we have been spending our time working out how best to proceed with the Neighbourhood Plan while we are all in Lockdown and it’s not been easy.

Fortunately all but the final Focus Group on Transport had been held, but although we visited the school to liaise with parents on two occasions, this was just before everything changed and we had no responses.

We had intended holding a drop-in village meeting on Sat 28th March to widen our response group, but had to cancel that too. As an alternative we have been posting out various questions on the Neighbourhood Plan and Great Waldingfield Facebook pages and collecting responses from there.

We have held working group meetings and a Steering Group meeting via Zoom particularly looking at a safe way to undertake our village survey as we feel this would be an excellent way of involving the whole village during this time.

We have made contact with a new consultant, Ian Poole, who is going to start by looking at all the evidence we have collected so far and checking for gaps.

The next steps are to use the responses from Facebook and the Focus Groups to form questions for the survey.