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Huge Milestone Reached!

After a few weeks of very hard work we have just reached a huge milestone for the Neighbourhood Plan – all of the evidence that has been collected over the last four years has been analysed and organised and put into our Dropbox ready for the consultant to start writing the draft Plan. In fact, it wasn’t until we started to collate all the evidence that the true size of the task across the years became apparent. 

We are particularly proud of the fact that there is a clear path that can be followed from responses given in the initial meeting in September 2017 to our final policies. In order to ensure that this is clear and will be followed within the Plan itself we have prepared a flow chart to show this progression.

Flow chart of GWNP Process

The evidence base summaries we have produced for each policy we are putting forward will also ensure that our Neighbourhood Plan will have a strong foundation. These summaries contain the principal reason for each policy as well as every relevant piece of evidence including page references when this is a large document. Each piece of evidence has then been uploaded into the Dropbox with lettered link to the evidence base.

If you would like to view the evidence and other documents, you will find a link to the Dropbox below:

GW NP Evidence Base

However it’s not over yet! Our next stage is to return the small remainder of our previous grant and then apply for a new one to cover the next stages of the Plan – writing and finalising the draft, a village drop-in to consult on the draft, sending this to the examiner and making any necessary changes and then a village referendum to agree to the final Plan.

A huge thank-you to everyone who has helped over the last four years to get the Plan to this exciting stage.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group